sixth [siksth]
[ME sixth < OE sixta, akin to Ger sechste, L sextus: see SIX & -TH2]
1. preceded by five others in a series; 6th
2. designating any of the six equal parts of something
1. the one following the fifth
2. any of the six equal parts of something; 1/ 6
3. Music
a) the sixth tone of an ascending diatonic scale, or a tone five degrees above or below any given tone in such a scale; submediant; superdominant
b) the interval between two such tones, or a combination of them
c) the chord formed by a triad in which the fundamental tone is raised an octave, creating a new interval of a sixth, as E-G-C: in full sixth chord
in the sixth place, rank, group, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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